Saturday, December 13, 2008

Things of Childhood

Since I started growing a human I've started contemplating all the wonderful childhood things I need to pass on to him. Christmas, of course, also makes me nostalgic ...

And so I started the great search for things I love ...

This is harder than it sounds, mostly because all that stuff you enjoyed as a little kid you remember by contents, not title. And googling "book where a teddy bear goes to the woods and visits with real bears" doesnt really yield much helpful.

I did manage to find a few books that I want for Baby B:

Caps for Sale
Going on a Bear Hunt
Miss Nelson is Missing
Harry the Dirty Dog
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

I'm sure the list will continue.

Me and my trusty design consultant have pretty much settled on literary monkeys as the room theme. I love saying "literary monkeys" instead of just regular ones. It makes people go "huh?" and getting that reaction is one of my favorite things ever.

By literary monkeys I basically mean Curious George, Pippo of Tom and Pippo, and perhaps Where the Wild Things Are because, well, who doesn't like a rumpus?!

This is the bedding we've pretty much settled on ...


WHAT?!? NO!!!

The bedding is gone! It was there yesterday. It was there two days ago. And now ... gasp! ... it is gone! And the link doesn't work.


And it was so lovely, green and brown and all sorts of lovely colors mixed in and not one little stitch of white (all the baby bedding has white as a main color ... and I dont want white. That just says "poop on me" to me).

Ahhhhh noooooooooooo

*We regret that we must prematurely terminate this blog post while Amy goes and consoles herself at the loss of her interior design anchor*

EDIT ---

Phew. Crises avoided. Apparently everyone is just out of stock at exactly the same time and they will have it again when, well, when they have it.

(We hope).


I totally forgot about Old Bear! How could I do this. Yes, I was googling again to find that elusive bear who goes to hang out with the real bears when I came upon Old Bear ... I LOVE Old Bear!

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  1. WHAAAAT!?! No! I go away from the internet for like, three hours, and all hell breaks loose!

    In other news, I've asked all my children's lit friends and family and NO ONE knows the name of the book about the teddy and the real bears. weird. maybe we dreamed it?!