Thursday, February 28, 2013

Whole30 13, 14: Hellooo Half-Way Mark

First point, we've decided that this will actually be a Whole29. Reason? We really, really, REALLY want to eat actual factual pie in celebration of Young Master Huck's 1st Birthday/3.14 (pie) day.

Instead of celebrating ON his birthday/pie day, we're going to celebrate Saturday ... day 30. So we're going to cut this party short and eat honest-to-God pie on day 30.

I've been assured the Whole30 police will not fast rope from my ceiling if I break the rules.

The last two days have been full of improvising. I feel like that is proof that I finally have the hang of this whole thing -- that I can just whip out a non-pre planned Whole30 meal on the drop of a hat.

When I realized Tuesday night that I had failed to plan a meal for Wednesday (caused by me bumping Wednesday's meal to today so that we would have something in the crock pot while I tried to get ready for small group) I thought "what can I make?" Answer? Stuffed peppers.

And they were pretty darn good. Not elaborate. And they did not take a million years to cook. But they were Whole30 compliant.

And tonight? Paleo tacos -- basically taco meat (in this case pork from the crock pot) on ice burg.

I'm pretty sure this would've turned out better had the meat not weirdly dried out in the crock pot (I've used this recipe many times -- what gives?) and had someone (tall. male. you can probably guess who) not used the larger portions of the lettuce for something else earlier in the week.

Thus tiny, dry tacos.

(And I really dont like pork roast as it is).

But we're making it work.

As for how I'm feeling? Pretty darn good! Despite being up all hours with David (and his sick tummy) I'm not dragging. Luke confessed yesterday to actually LIKING the paleo foods. And what with getting used to the cooking ... I'd say we're made in the shade.

(Confession: I love cliches. And cliches equal bad writing. So I TRY not to use them in my day job. Which means you get more! Aren't you lucky?)

Here are the recipes for dinner. We've just been having the old salad/eggs stand-bys for lunch and breakfast, so I'm not going to list it out.

Stuffed bell peppers
Slow cooker carnitas 

By the way - I'm linking all the recipes I use to my brand-spanking new Pinterest account. You can see the Whole30 board here.

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