Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Whole30 Day 5: The Cravings Start

I would like a Diet Coke now, please.

It's been five days of eating nothing but whole foods. And I'm starting to miss the other stuff.

You know, the crackers. And the dairy. And the Diet Coke.

Tonight as we dipped into a bowl of the carrot soup all I could think was "this would be amazing with heavy whipping cream. And crackers."

But of course it didn't. I mean, it was good as it was. But it would've been BETTER with those things.

Today was low key on the cooking front. I put dinner in the crock-pot last night and didn't do a blessed thing other than heat-up already cooked food until about half an hour before we ate. That's the kind of cooking I can get behind.

Here's what we did today:

Breakfast -
Luke and me: Those delicious prosciutto egg cups we made yesterday
David and Huck: egg scramble with turkey sausage (cooked-up yesterday)

Lunch -
Luke: Leftovers from dinner
Me: Salad with roast chicken and avocado. Trying to eat more fat so I won't be hungry two hours later .... it didn't work
Boys: Yogurt, fruit, almond butter

Dinner -
This roast (which I'm pretty sure was supposed to be beef but I made it with pork). Served with the left over carrot soup and kale chips. It was good if you like roast ... which I don't.

I'm wondering: will there be a time that I'm not exhausted at 8 p.m.?! Geez.

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