Sunday, February 17, 2013

Whole30 Day 3: Yucky Tummies

After cooking extravaganza yesterday, today we took it easy on the preparation front. It was probably a good thing, too, since both Dave and I are feeling a little bit punky.

Who knows what's wrong with David, but my fatal flaw was working out right after regular-sized lunch. If I plan to workout early afternoon I generally skip lunch altogether and down a shake after I'm done. But because Whole30 calls for three meals a day, I stuck to the schedule without thinking through lunch's proximity to exercise.

Fail. And upset tummy.

Otherwise my only other Whole30 symptom today was crazy food dream. I had a real-as-life dream that I was eating a truly delicious looking cherry pie made by Abigail. I dreamt I ate a few bites and then was ridden with a terrible guilt for doing so -- so much so that when I woke-up I spent some quality half-asleep time wondering if food you ate in your sleep really counts as having eaten it and if I'd have to start our Whole30 over.

Crazy, right?

Otherwise I'm feeling very tired. Which, as it turns out, is normal and expected -- as are crazy dreams. This was a very helpful list today ... and is prepping me for the "kill all the things" phase I apparently will feel tomorrow. Awesome.

By the way -- does it seem crazy to anyone else that just cutting out certain foods can have this much of an impact on a person?

Dave seems to be doing OK other than a little upset tummy. Luke has talked a lot about fast food all day -- so interpret what you will from that.

Here's what we've eaten today:

Me -- fried eggs and leftover sweet potato hash with coconut cream and coffee.
Luke and the boys -- scrambled egg concoction with a bunch of veggies

Dave -- grilled burger (somewhere between a meatball and burger size) and fruit
Luke and me -- carrot soup with, avocado, hard boiled egg and burger on the side.

We were going to grill pork chops. But I'm still feeling iffy, so Luke is playing chef and making a guac using fresh veggies and Chi-Chi's salsa which is Whole30 approved-seeming. He's also heating up some of the left over roast chicken.

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  1. That's a helpful list of what to expect when on the diet plan. Oh and I'm totally not calling you for the next 2 days. Just so you know ;-)