Friday, February 22, 2013

Whole30 Day 7: Onion Breath

It was our first Whole30 meal fail: this chicken stir fry meal.

Pardon my onion breath.

(Gross, right?)

Thursday is my busiest day. In the morning I clean as much of the house in an hour as possible, then I blitzkrieg the commissary, sprint home, put everything away while Huck naps, feed Huck, go get Dave. Afternoon is work for a few hours followed by more cleaning (to prep for small group at 6:30) and dinner.

Pre-Whole30 I saved an easy meal for Thursday nights. Easy like throwing chicken nuggets at the kids and while drinking Shakeology. Easy like heating a frozen pizza.


And so when last night rolled around and cooking an actual meal had to fit somewhere into my finely tuned planned ... and I was a half-hour behind stopping work .... well, you can imagine things were a little bit hectic.

It was the moment I realized that the meal I had just sweated over was an epic onion fail (and, by the way, I even used half the recommended quantity) that I determined this very important planning truth:

Thursday is going to have to be crock-pot day.

Here's what we did yesterday:

Exactly what we've had the last several days -- egg cups and fruit for adults, egg scramble with turkey sausage and fruit for littles.

Since I forgot to buy more yogurt ... more eggs for boys.
Me: Salad
Luke: Leftovers

Chicken Apple Stir-Fry. Please don't inflict on your friends the onion breath this causes.
Wilted spinach (tossed it in a frying pan for a few minutes with some coconut oil)

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