Friday, February 15, 2013

Whole30 Day 1: We Get to Eat Delicious Food?

On this, the first day of Whole30, I had a revelation:

I'm going to eat better and more guilt free for the next 30 days than I ever have in my entire adult life.

The preparation for Day One actually started yesterday. With Luke heading to the office today I knew I needed to arm him with good food for all day long. That means something for breakfast, a snack and something for lunch. So I spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon making food for today. 

That meant a lot of chopping. Because when you eat a lot of vegetables, you chop a lot of food.

(I hate chopping).


First, I made a breakfast broccoli, mushroom, onion, sausage frittata that I knew could last a few days and wouldn't be too yucky if reheated.  Then, I roasted a chicken to eat on top of salad. And then I boiled a dozen eggs. And then, since Luke doesn't like vinegar dressings, I made mayonnaise to use as a dressing base.

And then, to top it all off, I realized that this is a four day weekend and I didn't need to do any of it.


Nonetheless, that stuff came in handy today when we had an easy breakfast waiting to heat, chicken to put on our salads at lunch and eggs for me to eat after my workout.

Now, remember when I said I realized that the next 30 days are going to include me eating a lot of really delicious food? As if the guilt-free avocado topping my salad or the really creamy coconut milk in my coffee weren't enough, check out what we ate for dinner:

Coconut shrimp. Fried. With a sides of asparagus and cantaloupe.

Oh, my lands was it ever good.

Now, I am 100 percent willing to admit that this whole thing is still a novelty, that I will get tired of the chopping (which really isn't THAT bad ... even though I DO still HATE it) and that ... and this is the biggest one ...

I'm going to crave a Diet Coke. And it might kill me.

I'm pretty sure the deliciousness that is my favorite comfort "food" is the only thing that has kept me from perishing in the past. And not having it miiiiiight kill me.

In case you are thinking about doing this as well, I'm going to try to post the recipes I use. It'll also be a handy place for me to find them again later. Cuz, ya know, I'm really disorganized. 

Breakfast: Sausage Frittata (modified and doubled to include broccoli, mushrooms, onions and be, well, bigger ... the only thing I didn't double was the meat). This is the sausage recipe, and this is the frittata recipe. And the whole thing was DARN TASTY. 

After workout "meal:" two hard boiled eggs.

Lunch: salad with carrots, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, topped with something like this roast chicken (using dried herbs and skipping the butter ... and the stock ... and all the veggies but the lemon and onion). Topped with this delicious dressing using this mayo recipe as a base. Strawberries to cap it off.

Dinner: coconut shrimp, asparagus, delicious side of cantaloupe. Let me say it again just so we're clear: YUM YUM YUM. 

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