Monday, February 18, 2013

Whole30 Day 4: Prosciutto

Another long evening in the kitchen. When you cook with normal, processed food you just throw the ingredients - already prepared - in the dish. Easy.

And it's entirely possible to do that with Whole30, as well ... but you have to pre-prepare yourself.

Thus my two hours cooking this evening.

The result was breakfast for tomorrow and Wednesday, crockpot dinner ready to just turn on tomorrow, Luke's lunch tomorrow, dinner tonight and cooked Turkey sausage waiting in the wings to be used for whatever we may need.

That's a lot of dishes, yo.

Overall we're feeling good but tired and a little weak. Luke said his workout was "hard," and my 3.2 miles of running up hills and into a stiff wind was, well, sucky.

And the dreams have continued. Suffice it to say -- don't watch the movie Flight. It's just not worth it.

And now it's 7:30 p.m. and I'm ready for bed.

But when I get-up? I get to eat THESE:

Those are prosciutto egg cups -- eggs, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach, mushrooms. Excuse me while I get very excited. And the preparation wasn't really that bad -- just the normal chopping and sautéing. (Sigh. "Normal.")

For the turkey sausage I made today I used this recipe (since Luke doesn't dig sage. Which is sad. Because it's yummy in sausage). 

Now here's the rest of it --

For me: Eggs and leftover hash (yes, again) and coffee/coconut milk and fruit
For the boys: Egg scramble with leftover pork sausage and cantaloupe 
Luke: Three eggs of some kind of concoction 

For me and Luke: pork chop grilled with sautéed brocoli 
For the boys: yogurt and fruit

This chicken with carrot/cauliflower mash with a cutie orange. The chicken was ... eh ... but the mash was TASTY.

The dishes the whole thing created? Uncool.

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