Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blender Problems and Giant Humans

Two doctor appointments last week: ultrasound and check up.

The ultrasound was nice ... got to see the kid ... until the tech said, and I quote:

"Looks like he's about 7 lbs 9 oz."

Wait, what? Let's all remember he isn't technically due until April 23. That's three weeks from when she said that. And he's ALREADY 7.5 lbs?!

And then I went to the doctor who did not actually look at anything except the outside of my stomach. He used what I call "the magic hands" to feel over the pregnant belly for a few seconds and then, in the saddest part of the day ...

"I don't see this baby being born in the next week."

Noooo .....

Fortunately he did seem mildly concerned that the baby is the size of a five year old before even being born. Next week he will do more than just magic hands and check out the actual situation down there to see about getting this kid OUT asap. Holy mother ....

Oh, and did I mention I gained 7 lbs in the last week? ONE WEEK! How is that even possible?!

In an effort to be preemptively healthier (I say that because the real diet starts the moment baby comes out) I decided to eat a delicious healthy smoothie for dinner.

At which point my blender suddenly stopped working. With half blended smoothie in it. Awesome.

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