Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Week Left

Ok, so I'm a little early with this post, since technically that one week starts tomorrow ... right? Or maybe it's one week including tomorrow? ... whatever. Close enough.

My point: I have one week left until the actual due date. And technically the baby could be coming at anytime .. any time in the last seven days or anytime in the next, oh, three weeks (boo!).

People ... and I really just mean person ... have called me "cranky." OK, fine, maybe it's true. Everyday is a little more uncomfortable than the day before. And I have this overwhelming need to get him OUT. Right now.

I know I should be "enjoying" my last days of decent sleep and childlessness ... but it's hard. I mean, I've been all sorts of excited about this for the past 9ish months so I'm obviously tired of waiting for it to get here.

I keep reminding myself, though, that I'm really not the person to be deciding when the perfect for the baby to be born is. That's a God job and I am (obviously) not God.

Just to check and make for sure I'm not God, I tried to create a mountain last night. It did not work out. I'm therefore absolutely positive that I am not the Almighty and therefore shouldn't be making decisions about these things at all.

It's just being patient for the actual God to decide it's time that's really hard for me. We all know I'm not the most patient person ever ... (hahahahaha whoa I don't even know if I will ever be patient at all!) sigh. God? ...

Made Luke a ham tonight. ... that's awesome except he's not here to eat it. Maybe he'll be home by 7:30 or so. Who knows. Obviously the Army has no problem with 14 hour work days. My poor boy. He worked 15 plus hours yesterday. And on his four day weekend? Yup, worked some of that, too.

Hopefully we'll be finding out soon when exactly he's deploying. I will be WAY sad if he's deploying middle of next month and working all of these hours ... the other, more likely, option is deployment at the end of July. In that case I will NOT be upset. I will be happy. (Just so you know).

Went shopping today at Goodwill for Patsy's birthday gift (I know, so awesome that I can buy her a bday gift at Goodwill) and ended up with some more baby clothes and some Luke clothes. Also hit up Joes, which is going out of business, and got the CUTEST pair of baby crocs! Oh man. So great.


  1. Of course, I meant it in the most loving and complimentory way possible when I said you were cranky.... I mean OBVIOUSLY who wouldn't be?!? ;-)

  2. I think you are TOTALLY allowed to be as cranky as you want.

    Also, I think you should put Abigail in charge of blogging updates for you from the hospital (unless of course they have wireless internet and you can do it yourself). I think this should include things like, Amy is in labor, Updates on Labor Progess, Amy had the baby, the babys name, and pictures at the very minimum. I'm just saying. But honestly for people who aren't there we MUST be kept updated. Please, please, please (yes I'm begging).