Friday, April 10, 2009

Food Therapy

Another doctor appointment today where he said things like "there are five things we look for to figure out how soon he's likely to be born -- you basically have none of them," and "probably no baby this week."

And it wasnt just magic xray hand this week .. he did an actual exam to prove his point. Sigh.

I don't know why this depresses me so much. I mean I know .. I KNOW ... he has to come out sometime. But I really wanted it to be today. I mean, it's raining. Luke is off (except that he is currently at work. Technicality). I have nothing better to do. And I'm really just tired of being pregnant.

On my way home from the appointment I stopped at the commissary to buy things for easter dinner (we are joining friends from our church small group) and ended up buying everything that looked delicious as a means of consoling myself -- including iced oatmeal cookies, iced animal cookies, Ben and Jerrys, poptarts ... you get the idea -- and proceeded to eat a truly impressive amount of animal cookies on the ride home.

And now I feel sick. But a little happier, all told. Probably the sugar.

Excuse me baby ... please come out now.

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