Friday, April 17, 2009

Energy ... but from whence?

I woke up this morning at 4 a.m. wishing I could go back to sleep ... by 5 a.m. I was all sorts of awake and by 5:30 a.m. I got out of bed. And emptied the dishwasher. And made muffins. And actually felt good and alive.

It reminded me of the days that I did that on PURPOSE (yes, those existed!). And it felt soooooo good ... I'd totally forgotten what it felt like to actually have a little energy.

Which brings us to: why the energy? Dare I hope this is that sudden burst of energy before evicting the mini human some people talk about? Hm .... I'm not getting my hopes up.

(But the muffins ARE delicious).

I used my early morning energy to take pictures of the baby's room for you all. I've given up hope that it will ever be really picked up before the baby comes. I'm simply not in there enough to care and Luke still leaves his Army stuff on the floor. This will change, just not right now. Anyway, photos for you:

(you can see the army crap in the mirror ... and on the baby changing table). I love our green wall!

Doctor appointment at 11 a.m. so I'll find out if I'm crazy about this baby thing or not. If not: baby! If crazy: wedding tomorrow up in Seattle land.

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  1. I love the green wall tying into the green shelves...very impressive decorating skills. The monkeys are pretty cute too!