Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Exactly How Much WOULD You Pay?

At this point in time I don't think you could pay me enough to EVER be pregnant again.

I know I complain a lot about being pregnant, and honestly I don't think I've had that rough of a pregnancy, compared to some. I think I just complain more than others and have you all fooled about how bad it really has been.

If this is "not that bad," then, I feel like there must be people much more sacrificial than I out there repopulating the earth. Because this is NOT comfortable, NOT fun and NOT something I want to do ever again. Let me name the reasons it sucks ... and ignore the occasional over share.

-- Heartburn from eating any chocolate, anything tomato based, anything high in acid (think OJ, lemonaide, etc.), anything with a strong broth base, and more ... frequently heartburn for no reason at all, for the last six plus months.
-- Gaining at least 25 lbs -- and thats WITH gym visits almost everyday for the many of the months
-- Stretch marks
-- Excruciating hemorrhoids so bad they needed minor surgery ... and p.s. they still hurt, just not as much all of the time.
-- Over 18 hours total spent in triage at the hospital per the instructions of the doctor for what appears to have been no reason at all
-- Zero energy to do anything most of the time
-- Back pain, ankle pain, abdominal pain ... pain in general
-- Feeling like barfing at the smell of food in general for 3.5 months ... made me want to curl up and die
-- Feeling like barfing at the smell of certain foods for the remaining 6 months

I could go on. ... this kid had BETTER be worth it. If willpower made children be born, I would so not be pregnant anymore. Pleeeeeeeease God make it come out!

I was supposed to bring muffins to PWOC this morning, only after yesterday's "I want to die" experience I bailed. When the pain killers aren't killing anything and you have what amounts to a portion of the stomach flu at the same time... you kind of kill plans.

The result: 12 ... ok fine, less than 12 now, muffins that need a stomach to live in. Mmmmm.

Before the evil hit yesterday afternoon I cleaned the baby's room, well, started to at least. It always seems to somehow get filthy again, mostly because it's the place both Luke and I throw stuff that we dont want to deal with. And then ... it doesnt get dealt with and simply stacks up. Awesome.

I also packed my new diaper bag yesterday (Luke: "with what?" Me: "with diapers!") .. so that's done ... and found a home for the very large stack of diapers I've been stocking up over the last few months (solution: Abigail's garage. Excellent!).

To do: figuring out a way to get the baby out NOW.


  1. Darn. I was gonna have you be my surrogate. :-P

  2. I'm with you pregnancy sucks!! I am so over it and sadly I'm just over half way done. I mean I wouldn't ever want to not have our little girl, but honestly there has got to be a better way! Adoption is looking more and more and more appealing by the minute.

    We should chat soon so we can vent to each other...I had a breakdown on Wednesday and every day since the whole pregnancy idea has made me want to cry all day long. I'm no good at this!