Friday, April 17, 2009


So the energy lasted until about 12:30 p.m., at which point I burst into tears over something very minor and came home. And took a nap. I feel much better now. Groggy from the nap, but the energy is still there.

When I go to the doctor they tend to say boring things like "you're not ready to have the baby blah blah blah see you next week." Obviously, this is not my favorite conversation.

Today's was, of course (!), similar ... but a little more positive than normal. I am, as it turns out, ALMOST ready to have the baby, as his head is in the right spot (at last!) and things are thinning out for his exit. I'm not sure exactly what that process entails, but now you know, overshare or not. Basically, baby could come at ANY TIME ... or ... it could wait a few weeks. That is not the news I wanted to hear exactly but it's better than "$10 says Ill see you next Friday."

I did, however, have to see a different person this week, NOT the doctor with the Magic Hands. This was disappointing as Different Person is convinced that I AM GOING TO DIE AT ANY MOMENT with a random pregnancy sickness (I'm not ... magic hands guy doesn't think I am) and is making me take the world's stupidest lab test once more just for kicks and giggles, apparently. Ugh. But of course I'm obeying and doing it, because what if I AM going to die? I mean I want to be careful ...

So let's just all hope that Baby B makes his glorious appearance sooner than later, and by sooner I mean tonight. I just had a really great nap and have a lot of energy, so tonight would be dandy.

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  1. Can I call him Baby B even after he's born? It rolls off the tongue really nicely.

    I'll be praying!