Thursday, July 16, 2009

Babysitting Again

Best of intentions had me pointed towards the gym this morning, but instead I ended up at a friend's house babysitting. Allie hurt her wrist doing she doesnt even know what the other day and had planned to sit in the emergency room waiting for some help. Fortunately we know some people through church and were able to make a well placed phone call to someone who could directly order an x-ray and prescribe her some meds. Yay Jesus! Fortunaely it's not broken. Baby Reagan cried most of the time I was with her but that's OK.

So tomorrow I'm hoping to go the gym. First, unfortunately, I have a little surgical consult over at Madigan ... more post baby related fun. No, you really don't want to know. Dave is going to hang out with a friend while Im there. Yawn.

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