Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh lovely day

It's a beautiful day here in Washington. I'm going to put off the library yet again in the name of heading down to the weekly farmer's market in my favorite local small town. In fact, I think Steilacoom is higher on my list of favorite neighborhoods than Capitol Hill. I know -- that's REALLY shocking. And it only outranks because it has an ocean view. Capitol Hill is definitely still a close second. Calm down. I mean, how can you beat this!?: Anyway, so as I was saying

Anyway, so as I was saying -- we are going to hit the farmer's market down there as soon as Dave eats. And then when we are done with all that fun and stocked up on super delicious veggies, we will go on a little walk in the sun. And when we are done with THAT we will come home and post photos for you of a bunch of things, including Dave's exciting new toy. Ok? OK.

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