Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FRG Funny

So real quick -- the FRG meeting? Totally worth it.

Imagine a room full of, oh, about 100 antsy, on edge wives and their crying/fussy babies and a single, unassuming looking Captain trying to give them information about their husbands.


I give major props to this guy. He was relatively in control of the room for most of the briefing, calming answering these peoples' ridiculous questions.

And then someone asked about phone calls. And then someone else said that a 10 minute phone call with her husband the other night had cost $40.

And that is when he lost the room. It totally erupted into chatting and talking. And it was at least several minutes before he could regain control. Fantastic. And hilarious.

We are so going again just to see that.

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  1. I love how when you write stories like this, I am so THERE! This one in particular made me laugh!