Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mascara Spokeswoman

I could so totally get a job as a spokeswoman for my waterproof mascara. Does it run when one cries? No, no it does not. I test it daily. Does it run after a LOT of crying? No, no it does not. I test that about once or twice every few-ish days.

I just spent some hardcore quality time in my apartment crying on my couch. I'm just so incredibly FRUSTRATED today. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I've been up since about 0430. But anyway.

I'm mad. Really, really mad. First of all, I missed Luke's calls. Again. Like a good boy he even called back after five minutes when I didnt answer.

And wouldn't you know it that ten minute span of time was the first time (other than my time in the pool yesterday and Sunday. Yesterday was a gamble but I knew he wasnt going to call again Sunday because I had just talked to him) since Sunday morning that I had left my phone for even two minutes. I made sure it was in the bathroom yesterday while I was showering. I've hauled it every single place. But I got distracted by Dave and the prospect of buying his first fishy, and I walked away without my phone.

And of course -- of COURSE -- that is when he called.

I spent a lot of the morning worrying that perhaps he had been injured in yesterday's fighter jet crash. I don't know how he would've gotten hurt then, but it went down on the base he's in, so I figured the chances were better than if it had, say, crashed into the Pacific Ocean. At least his phone call proves he's in good health ... at least good enough to keep him in that stupid place longer.

Exactly how hurt would he have to get to come home to me now? I don't think a broken ankle is enough, but maybe if he broke his collar bone again? I'm sorry, I'm just scratching for possibilities here.

I'm also absolutely furious about the pool situation at the Y. I've decided to abandon this whole running nonsense ... maybe I'll pick it up again when its cooler outside. All I want to do is swim. But with the summer swim classes literally the only time in the whole day that there is more than two or so lanes open for swimming is from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. If I can't get there during that window, I'm basically screwed. All other open swim times are during hours the nursery is closed. And that is just SO stupid. All they need to do is open the nursery from 1 to 3 p.m. and we'd be golden. But no.

Karissa is coming over for dinner. And then we have a (stupid) FRG meeting from 630 to who knows when. I really, really dont want to go to that.

(Maybe I'd feel better if I took a nap).


I was right, napping totally helped. I had to put the baby in my bed to get him to sleep so that I could sleep. And now I feel better. Much, much better. And I'm sure if the FRG meeting is stupid, it will only be mildly stupid. I'm totally willing to give it a chance now that I've had a nap.

BTW, this episode of Gilmore Girls is about opening an old fashioned soda shop. I could TOTALLY go for one of those! Or an Italian Soda. I should score a bottle of sugar free raspberry syrup, a little half and half and some soda water. That'd be great!

(Seriously, Amys need their sleep. I'm a much happier person now).

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  1. I would buy that mascara. :) I'm glad that the nap helped. In terms of my happiness index, naps are up there with empty pools. You're doing great Amy!