Monday, June 21, 2010

Frugal Fail of the Week: Facebook much?

Welcome to your weekly frugal fail, the time of the week that I confess to some sort of spending atrocity or complete inability, despite my best intentions, to do anything more than spends gobs of unnecessary cash, or time or both. It happens to everyone, but confession is good for the soul, right? (and maybe a little entertaining for you):

After some more thought, part of the missing time below was blown on Facebook last week. Despite my good intentions (and win! from the week or so previous) I was unable to steer clear of the frugal time ruiner for much of last week.

Where does the time go on Facebook? I piddle it away looking at pictures, stalking former boyfriends, laughing at poor clothing choices, wondering what people aren't saying as they don't comment on that picture of me in a wet suit, and that sort of thing.

Tips, anyone, on breaking the Facebook addiction?


  1. Um, we have a communist-style Internet provider that only allows us to use so many megabytes. What's the number one megabyte sucker? Yup. Facebook. So if we want Internet, we have to limit our Facebook consumption. I AM NOT RECOMMENDING THIS!!!!

  2. I must add that I'm glad your blog is back in my life now that I remembered to put the correct address in my Google Reader. I learn a lot from you. And please note that I had to leave my comments twice on many of these posts because it took me about 158 times of commenting and then not waiting for the word verification screen to pop up. So I kept exiting out too soon and my comment wouldn't post. But I learned (not too quickly) and went back to repost all my comments. Now THAT is some serious dedication!

  3. Holly, you crack me up. Thanks for all the comments! Warm fuzzy comment feelings