Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Frugal Time WIn: Facebook Free!

Today was my first day for reals working on my fellowship. Dave was in daycare from 9 to 5 (oh how leaving him there all day just killed me!) and I was determined - DETERMINED - to focus on my work.

I made a looooong list of things that I needed to work on. I knew that there was no way that I'd get the whole thing done. I always knew that having more than I had time for would keep from getting off track.

I really only had two goals for today: no google reader and, more importantly, no Facebook. I can actually hear my time being sucked away while I'm on Facebook and I just didn't want to get caught in that while I was trying to focus and be productive.

I am happy to report that I succeeded! No Facebook happened and I got tons of stuff done.

The thing about the beginning of a project like this is that completing every item on your to-do list actually creates more work because as you go through those things they lead to other future tasks. My to-do list is now four times as long as it was when I started this morning and I checked off a TON of stuff in the process.

I also made a point today of spending what time I had with my little man. This one:

I don't think I really spent any more or less concentrated time with him than any other day. Well, maybe a little bit less. But not much. And that's because while we are together all day long I rarely sit down on the floor and just play with him. I help him find toys. I feed him. But I dont sit there and play very much.

But tonight I made a strong effort to play. We read "A to Z" four times (one of those times I made up a song for the words) and put the shapes in the shape ball three times. And more.

All that and I also had time to run 5 miles. That's right.


  1. Awesome job! And I really liked your thoughts on childcare vs. no childcare and I now look forward to seeing you implement that into your life...I know that however things work out you're putting Dave first and its cool to see him growing up so loved and cared for ( that happy face just proves it!)

  2. I love that pic of dave. :) you should send it to me so I can put it on my fridge with all of my other davinator pictures :)

  3. Sounds like a productive day!