Monday, June 21, 2010

Frugal Win of the Week: more clothes

Welcome to the weekly Frugal Win, a time that I get to brag about some sort of awesome frugality that I achieved and that you wish you could achieve. Ha! Just kidding. If you don't like bragging or you think I should be brought down a peg, check out the weekly Frugal Fail. "Pride cometh .... "

We spend a lot of time in the Bushatz household buying new clothes for me. It's a mystery as to why I need new clothes all the time, but I swear I DO. (ooooor maybe that should be the weekly "Frugal Fail?")

This week we did a little shopping for Luke using this deal at Sears. We were able to buy just over $50 of clothing with the promise of getting $50 rebate for more later. So, we basically will get $100 for just over $50. What was an extra bonus is that all of the stuff we bought was on major sale as well.

What we scored:

Dockers dress pants: regular $48
Dockers dress shirt: regular $30ish
Another dress shirt: regular $30ish

Frugal win, I say! (And so does Luke)


  1. Why do clothes have to be so expensive?! My frugal win of the century was a couple weeks ago when I got my new Blackberry. Original price, $389. With updgrade, $199. With my "that's out of my budget range" speech, $100. With taxes, $113. With $100 mail-in rebate, $13 - total price. I knew you'd be proud.