Friday, June 11, 2010

Frugal Win of the Week

Welcome to the weekly Frugal Win, a time that I get to brag about some sort of awesome frugality that I achieved and that you wish you could achieve. Ha! Just kidding. If you don't like bragging or you think I should be brought down a peg, check out the weekly Frugal Fail. "Pride cometh .... "

The store: Nike Clearance Outlet
The Cost: $14
The Take: One Nike drifit fit jacket, retails $75
The How: Outlet, baby! I was looking for a new jacket, as you know. When we drove by the Nike Outlet on our way into Oregon today Luke suggested we stop and I approved. Strongly. It didn't take me 10 minutes to find the exact thing for which I was looking. Score! Here it is (or something very similar):


  1. ooooooooh! I LOVE it!!! I wish that it was not so hot here so that I would have a chance to wear it at least ONCE before like, NOVEMBER!!! but...I don't. It is 97 out right now. at 12:20. and did I mention HUMIDITY!?!? bleh! no cute jackets for me :(

  2. I love it! There are no outlet malls anywhere CLOSE to Tulsa, and I greatly miss Birch Run in Michigan...

  3. Nice!! Perfect for the weather you deal with.