Thursday, April 10, 2008

And then she screamed "I've been defrauded!"

Don't you just hate that feeling of someone taking something from you that doesn't belong to them and you are powerless to stop it?

I felt this way those stupid people broke into my car in D.C. and stole my case of Diet Coke (the nerve). And when they broke in again and stole my rad radio/tape deck. And that time when someone ate the blueberry muffin that I had clearly labeled as "Amy's muffin. Do Not Eat." Seriously. What is the problem?

I was reminded of these feelings this morning when I looked at my bank account and noticed a $50 charge from my former gym in D.C., Will Power.

Do I live there anymore? Nope. Do I fly across the country daily to use a gym? Nope. Then WHY are you charging me for a membership?!

I left a message. And an email. They better fix that. Hmph.

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