Monday, April 14, 2008

Done Mov-ed

Maybe that's an overstatement. We've moved all of my stuff ... and most of Luke's stuff, but minus what I shall from here out refer to as "sundry crap."

He has a lot of it.

And we are, of course(!), still unpacking.

This weekend came with a few surprises -- the cable salesman managed to suck us into getting cable... which is the last thing I wanted next to any sort of video game system (I HATE video games). This wouldn't be the worst development ever if I knew we'd do normal things like, you know, watch Law and Order or re-runs of Friends, but you KNOW it's going to be on ESPN basically 24/7.

Oh, did I mention we dont have a TV?


Another surprise: worst migraine in a long time Saturday night/early Sunday morning. I woke up with it this time and it hurt so bad that I was actually laying in my bed crying. Sad moment for Amy.

Another surprise: the faucet on the bathtub/shower is broken, leaving us to turn the dern thing on with an impressively large pair of pliers Luke produced from afore mentioned sundry crap. They better fix that asap ...

Spending my day at pre-marital counseling and World Vision. Woop-de-do.

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