Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Emotional Wreck 101

If anyone would like lessons in being an emotional wreck, please see me. I am quite the expert at the moment and would be willing to pass on the wisdom if you, kind readers, are interested.

It's like there are two fighting Amys right now. Fighting Amy One says "it's MY wedding day. It has to be perfect the way I imagine it because you know I only get one, and hello, did I mention it's MY wedding day?"

On the other hand, Fighting Amy Two says "whatever. I dont care. I just want to get married and get it over with. Do whatever you want."

Amy One sounds awfully selfish. Concerned parties want to do their bit on the cheap (we know I am a fan of doing things on the cheap provided it's still way classy, so nothing wrong there), but that means doing things far from the way *I* believe they should be done or have imagined they would be done. And that makes me mad. "Just do your part!" I scream inside.

Amy Two is way too lackadaisical to actually be an Amy that will ever exist, so we know that can't be right.

Somewhere in between these two there is a happy place. I am not sure where that is, but I am positive it does exist.

Meanwhile I am a wedding stress puddle. And Luke is asleep on the couch either from exhaustion from his day or exhaustion from dealing with me -- either or a combination are entirely possible. And once again you, oh fair blogosphere, are my faithful listener when things just make more sense by typing them out.

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  1. And by "fair blogosphere" you must mean me...so thanks. ;-)

    And believe me, I know how you feel...but I PROMISE two months after the wedding you'll hardly be able to remember the annoyance. You can make it!! :-)