Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Price of Sugar

The commissary is a wonderful thing, no lie. It's like having Costco prices for non-bulk items. I don't have to buy a giant vat of olive oil to qualify for a deal. Life, in short is good.

But that still doesn't keep us from spending, oh somewhere around $70 or more on groceries each week.

After deciding that was a too-high number, I decided to analyze our grocery bill.

It was then I realized the terrible truth -- the high price was to be blamed on ingredients for making desserts and meat.

Let's ignore the meat.

Ah, baking. I love baking for Luke, for other random people, for his platoon. I only make his dessert once a week, and his platoon dessert every other week (or so) and yet it costs SO MUCH.

Think I can get away with calling the price of sugar a "donation?"

In theory, I love running. I like thinking about doing it, contemplating how good it feels after/before, mulling the calories I'll burn.

But in practice, I hate it. Every single step is torture.

I feel the opposite about swimming. I hate thinking about it/getting ready for it. The putting on of the the swimsuit, the getting in the cold water, the driving to the pool -- all of it is a tremendous hassle.

But when Im in the pool -- ah, heaven.

Today: coffee house, World Vision stuff, running (see above), contemplating ways to cook without meat as a main dish, memorizing Romans 12, thinking about knitting (but never actually doing it) and doing some laundry. Riveting, I know.


  1. You've inspired me to look more closely at, well, everything that I spend money on that might not be "necessary." My budget needs a MAJOR overhaul. I'm the worst impulsive spender and I really exercise no self-control. My philosophy is: if it's in the bank account, it's there for spending! Not good.

  2. Cooking without meat is amazing! And, really, SOOO much more creative. Now, trying to convince my dear Chris of that (or your dear Luke) may be a little more difficult.