Friday, April 25, 2008

One Good Thing and One REALLY Bad Thing

I think I'm going to start with the bad one first, just so that by the end of the blog all the happy good things will have erased the bad thing from my memory.

(not likely to work but let's give it a go).

We all remember Amy's weird complex where she's terrified if gets close to people they'll leave her.

Coming into the Army I realized that this was going to be a fact of life. I decided to embrace it, to get over myself, to not let people coming and going every three or so years bother me.

Remember: three or so years, and I'm good.

So when Washington State BFF Abigial announced (with, for the record, great frowning and pouting and many sarcastic remarks) she is PCSing (permanent change of station) in the next four to six months to either Georgia (I'd say "ew!" but we'll likely move there eventually) or Kansas (EW!!! fo' sho).

But wait! wait wait wait (selfish rant coming, beware): WHO is going to whine with me when the boys go into the fields for three thousand days at once?! WHO will eat cupcakes? WHO will work with me at the coffee house?!?!?

There is nothing good about this.

I would like to be not selfish for a moment now and note that this is also sad because Abigail, like myself but more so, is just really getting into establishing friendships and being That Girl -- you know, the one people go to when they need a friend. And it would suck to have leave that as soon as you've found it.

Boo in general.

Now for happiness newly discovered ---

ON DEMAND What Not To Wear! That's right. Not only do I have DVR and can basically tape it. Not only is on all the time anyway ... but it's also FREE ON DEMAND!


And I'm going to save the other happy story for another post. I mean ON DEMAND What Not To Wear is good news enough for this post.

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  1. Still working on more Kansas jokes. And FYI: Jokes about corn, not. funny. at. all.

    Thanks for blogging about me. It makes me moderately happy. ;-) And at least we got to pal around for a COUPLE of months, right, right?! boo.