Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We were on a break!

I've decided to take a wedding break.

If we were already married this would be a bad thing. But since the wedding is still 80 or so (ok, exactly 80) days away, a wedding break isn't a negative at all.

By order of me: I will not do anything wedding related (unless something pressing comes up, like me basically forgetting to send Luke's Aunt and Uncle an invitation ... that's right, they got missed when I printed the labels) until May 1.

And that is all there is to it.

Had one of my first anti-Army career thoughts this morning. "Why can't Luke have a normal job?"

And then I thought "but I dont really want him to have a normal job ... the Army is the right thing."

I sense this will be a life long wrestle.

Spent all day yesterday up at World Vision doing mind numbing data entry. I'm so glad that's over. In comparison to serving lattes, you'd think data entry would be a nice change. Not so much.

Wanted: one rich dead, long lost grandfather to leave me tons of money so that I can go on cool trips all the time.

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