Monday, May 19, 2008

The Ants Go Marching (and so on, and so forth)

One day a few weeks ago, I walked into my apartment to see a few little ants crawling about my counter.

"Lovely," thought I.

So I took myself down to the leasing office and got the little repair man (he IS little ... ) to come and put in ant poison. I, as crazy clean woman, leave no crumbs, or none to speak of. So really, the ant poison should've worked.

Except that it didn't. ... and after a truly wonderful weekend with wonderful, beautiful warm weather, the ants came back.

In force. Driven to eat microscopic bits of Lord knows what. There's also the distinct possibility that they are not eating anything and there purely and simply to annoy me -- I bleach the counter before I leave the house, so what could they POSSIBLY be munching on?!

Also, brand new information -- they get in under the very, very, small crack in the caulk on the front of the sink.


And now for Tidbit Time, the time in the day where I spew forth bits of information you care nothing about, but for an unknown reason, read anyway.

-- Luke is cooking hamburgers for dinner
-- Wheat thins are very delicious
-- I. Hate. Ants.
-- I went on a walk around the dog park, without the dog, seeing as I dont have one, and my not-dog was busy.
-- I'm hungry.
-- I got my nails done today.
-- I sneezed on Sunday during church and somehow managed to hurt my neck. It was kind of funny, except not.
-- I'm going to go swimming early tomorrow morning.
-- I am currently sore from swimming today (which I did after finding the stupid gym. It was lost temporarily).


  1. I would like to have more information about your not-dog. Like, whose dog is he? Why is he busier than you?

  2. We have ants too. And last summer they pretty much made me cry. I even went so far as to spray the OUTSIDE of the house, all the window facings, door jams, etc. and they STILL attempted to ruin my life.

    They're back this spring and I don't even know where to begin. The traps don't work, the spray doesn't work, the things they crawl into thinking it's food but it's really sweet poison they eat and take back to their babies DID NOT WORK.

    My favorite tidbit was about you sneezing and I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH you on that one because, for some reason, I find that very funny.

    I'm sorry...


    OK, just kidding...but it needed to be said...inside jokes die unless used frequently. ;-)