Friday, May 30, 2008

Espresso, I shall take you down!

Some amazing friends of ours bought Luke and I an amazing espresso machine/coffee maker. On second thought, though, I realized that I could probably survive my lifetime with a slightly less awesome one, and use the left over awesomeness to buy ... other stuff.

So last night Luke and I headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond, scored an espresso machine, grinder, a few towels and a shower curtain that I LOVE.

Yay us :-).

Now, the complicated part.

The stupid espresso machine refuses to be conquered. Rather than running a certain amount of water through the filter, it runs until you turn it off, so you have to manually control the run. This will work fine once I figure out the best way to grind the coffee and how long to run the water.

I SHALL conquer, thou machine!

Making dinner next week for an FRG family with a new baby. I'll probably end up making a pork roast and some muffins -- let's not lie, those are two things I am good at making.

By the way -- chocolate espresso muffins last night were totally a hit.

Went swimming this morning -- 70 laps non-stop.

And now I could totally use a muffin. And I think I'll hang up my new shower curtain.

We may or may not be going camping this weekend. Luke is aware that he has one (ONE) chance to deliver an amazing, wonderful, inspiring camping experience. If it goes wrong? I don't think I'll feel like going camping again (just a suspicion).

This is our last weekend together, really before wedding pressure sets in full force. He'll be gone starting next Friday for almost two weeks ... he gets back Thursday and I leave the next Monday for the wedding madness.

Coming soon: thoughts on how to keep myself from going crazy while Luke is gone.

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  1. um, I'm proud of you for being frugal, but I have a thought...

    Maybe, just maybe, the awesomeness of the original espresso machine lies in its ability to be conquered. Just sayin'