Thursday, May 8, 2008

Call Me Mrs. Clean

My head is a jumble of thoughts, feelings, contemplations, actions and blog posts respectively. The clutter will likely reflect in this post -- you've been forewarned. I'm even going to utilize the "bold" feature to break things up a little bit, as I anticipate this being rather long.

First topic: loving people.

As you all know (or don't -- whatever), I don't really love people. I simply pretend. I was able to re-certify this as true last week with all the jealousy. I feel like I get two points, too, for refusing to discuss the jealousy in specific terms, therefore increasing the speed in which I am able to get over myself and come to this conclusion:

The jealousy is because I don't love people. I want to be loved by them.

If I was "all love people all the time" girl, I would not care if I was one of the "cool people" and part of the "exclusive group." I would simply wonder "how can I love people." I would then realize that being extra cool wouldn't help me love people at all. In fact, not being considered special probably helps me love people more.

And oh yes, I plan to tell you how.

I've been memorizing Romans 12. Slooooooooowwwwlly. But still, doing it. And one of the verses I just memorized, verse three (I think,) says:

"For I say to you, through the grace given me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each a measure of faith."

Now, I pretty much think I'm the coolest, most spiritual, most worthy of fellowship and all hanging out person most people have met. But perhaps (shocking) that's a bit too ofty of an opinion.


Maybe, if I think less of myself, I will be able to love people more.

Interesting thought.

Part two of loving people: how shall I do it?

After contemplating my grocery bill and concluding that the cost of sugar can be pegged on making dessert for hungry boys, I decided that really what I should be doing is giving said boys more of a nutritional foundation.

Enter weekly dinners.

I tried to start this last Tuesday, but the hungry boy bailed. If we can't rope him in next week, I'll move on to someone else who is hungry. But I WILL start feeding people weekly.

Second project in this is person adoption. The current person is a girl in my Bible study whose husband gets home next Wednesday. She needs a lot of love and a lot of patience and a lot of people saying "calm down." So that's what I'm doing -- at least until her boy gets back. Then there shall be a break and she'll probably need all of those things again.

Amy = loving people.

Second topic: work place drama

When I was in a newsroom I concluded that the constant drama could be blamed on putting a group of people who gossip for a living in the same room for an extended period of time. I mean, that's just a recipe for drama.

I have no good explanation for the drama of the coffee house.

In the last week: coworkers who leave their work for other people have gotten lectures from the boss man for not doing their jobs; coworker makes out with customer who hangs out here a lot after closing against far wall; toilet gets clogged; another coworker tells second coworker who tells me that the boss told her that yet a different coworker is getting fired soon; I offer to take a coworkers shift during which Young Life is coming to use the building for her so that she won't hate on them and go off endlessly about how praying is stupid; the vacuum is not working -- how long has this been the case? No one knows because no one ever vacuums; coworker talks to make out buddy who says that he plans to sleep with the coworker he was making out with and then dump her to teach a lesson about getting too attached to people ...

And I could go on.

Good. Grief. But then again, what would happen if all the drama went away? Would we just find new drama? Is drama necessary to keep me a happy and content currently non-reporter?

Topic three: slow cookers

I caved and bought myself a slow cooker the other day with the gift card gained from returning some of the items received at my "happy underwears" party. I know, I know, people would get it for me as a wedding gift. But I wanted it RIGHT THEN. So, I got it.

Enter slow cooker city, the city in which things are cooked very, very slowly.


Luke was so excited about all the upcoming sluggish meals that he even clapped a little bit -- slow cooked pork! slow cooked beef! slow cooked chili!

Good times.

Topic four: markets with farmers

Favorite D.C. past time was Eastern Market on Saturday/Sunday. Fresh veggies, people wandering about, Tunnicliffs pancakes -- what more do you want?

I am pleased to announce that farmers go to market here, as well. Woohoo!

And so, to market to market I go, starting this Saturday.

And now, I am done.


  1. I miss you so much and in my book you are one of the coolest, funnest people to hang out with. (I'm not saying you don't need to love people more... I'm just saying I love you.) Anyways, I, too, love the market 'o farmers and miss pancakes with you on Saturdays. It turns out that pancakes with other people just don't seem quite the same. I think it's the company. :)
    Also, I think you should do half-smokes in the slow-cooker... I don't know what they call them out there... kiebassa? brats? big yummy sausages?

  2. I'm so down with your revelation on loving people-and even though I think you're pretty awesome I'm glad you're sharing your awesomeness instead of waiting for people to come to you ;-)

    Second, WHOA....the last part of the work drama-Didn't.know.that. HOW HORRIBLE! uggg....I suppose in some ways I'll be happy to leave this part of work behind. Blah.

    Third, slow cookers=magic. Anything that can be dropped in in the morning and then left there to come home at night to a full fledge meal deserves GOLD STARS.