Sunday, July 13, 2008

Space Is Out

The Doolittle family is a family with movie rules. My father refuses to watch any movie in which any character drives in a carriage or drinks tea. My mother won't watch movies in which people break into other people's houses or wave about chainsaws in a menacing manner.

And I don't watch movies about space. This includes movies in which people go to space, movies about aliens on earth, movies where things (such as big rocks) from space attack or fall on earth, films about space ships, vfuturistic space living or alternate universes located in space*.

[EDIT: After thinking about this all night, I'm adding movies about the earth's core, people traveling to the earth's core and anything about things below the earth's crust to the space movie category -- above the earth or below, it's all veeeeery similar.]

So. We went and saw the Indiana Jones movie. Indy is a good, solid character who swings around by a neat little whip, kicks some serious butt and finds really cool old stuff. Plus, it has Harrison Ford, who is A Man (as opposed to The Man -- a title that goes to Sean Connery. For more thoughts on the difference bettween "A" and "The" see this post).

No reason in the world to suppose this film would be a space movie in surprise.

Why didn't anyone warn me about this?! I mean, I heard it was bad. And I heard that there was a scene with a bunch of killer ants (totally freaked me out btw -- I covered my eyes and my ears for that one). But no one bothered to mention that this was actually a space movie -- and nothing about space ships or dead, old aliens ever came up in any preview I ever saw.

For the love.

*I will, however, watch the original Star Wars trilogy, ET and any historically accurate films, such as Apollo 13.


  1. As I was reading that, I did wonder if the Star Wars movies might be an exception. After all, they have Harrison Ford! Thanks for the review of the latest Indy film. I'm waiting to see it 'til I can watch it with the remote handy.

  2. ok... I thought I told you that! I'm pretty sure that you just don't listen to anything I say. :) I did, however, bury myself deep in Chris' chest during the ant scene! so gross!