Thursday, July 17, 2008

Weekend, How I Love Thee

I am so completely over this whole work during the week thing. Maybe it was because I spent the entire week with snot flowing out my face (where does it all COME from?! I swear, there is no end) -- but by the time this afternoon rolled around I was ready to not walk into that coffee shop ever again.

I hope I feel differently by Monday.

Tomorrow I'll spend the day with Luke signing up to be an Army dependent. That means insurance paperwork, ID paperwork, dependent on the payroll paperwork ... an entire forest of paper used just to get me to be all official.

The plan for this could all change. Ah yes, God no doubt finds all of this very comical. I love making plans, schedules, contemplating coming events and basically making my life revolve around things I've put in place for the coming day/week/month/year. And so he put me in the Army, where plans can change 123,456,678,457 in one day just to make me freak out a little.


I didn't feel like doing the gym thing yesterday -- it was such a lovely day out, and I've been so bored with the same-old, same-old there that I just wanted to stay close to home. Today I just felt kinda .. blah ... tired, bored of the gym, confused about a bunch of stuff running through my brain/heart right now ... but...

Dah-duh-duh! Abigail to the rescue!

Brand new swimming suits (my old one officially fell apart last week) arrived today and so we are going swimming before Bible study. THAT is a work out I can get behind. And the best part? When we get to Navs we'll be soggy, smell like chlorine, and looks like we showered and got dressed at the gym ... hot!

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