Friday, July 25, 2008

Spotted: One Stinky Cheese Man

It's official -- the entire Army smells like feet.

Boy feet, specifically.

I first noticed (and how could I miss it) while sitting in Luke's office being invisible last week. I made him take me home mostly because I didn't want to be invisible (maybe I'll go off on this phenomenon another time), but partly because I could not stand to hang out in a place that smells THAT bad.

How the heck do they work there?! And you know it's not just the smell of Luke, but the scent of about 20 or 30 dudes in uniform and tan boots wandering around, being productive (yet another subject worthy of discussion -- what are these people actually DOING all day?! I mean, I know what Luke does... I think ...)

It was not until last night while sitting in Bible Study in a brand new chapel on the North side of Fort Lewis that I decided that the scent is not just relegated to offices but permeates the entire post. We were using a children's classroom -- a classroom where the boots shouldn't be! -- and there it was, that funky soldier foot smell.


And it really is everywhere -- the PX, the commissary, the gym (ok, that actually makes sense), the chapel ...

How do we make it stop? And what if it tries to come into my house ...maybe we'll just start requiring the husband to put all dirty clothes straight in the wash immediately after coming home ...

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