Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This was GOING to be nice...

Instead of blogging a stirring eulogy about my little polly hot pot that I stole from my mother that I've replaced with a new one, I am being forced to vent about the supreme stupidness of the Army. We shall call this post "The Day the Army Hated Pie."

It's the day after the official end of our honeymoon and we had grand plans. We thawed the steaks and Luke was going to cook them up on the awesome grill I got him for his birthday -- the inaugural grilling -- while I was going to bake a few potatoes, heat some creamed corn, go on a walk in the woods on this truly lovely evening and cap it all off with a delicious cherry pie I baked as a surprise for my husband.

Ah, the pie -- now sitting on the stove being cold and uncut. Luke's sister made a pie for the fair and he sounded kind of sad about not being there for it, so I made him one of his own. I pitted the cherries with Abigial at work so it would be ready in time for him to come home and smell it baking. It was going to be amazing. I spent the day hungry, thinking about steak and pie ...

Enter the Army. "Hey babe, I have to stay probably until 10:30 " blah blah blah...

And he has to stay that late tomorrow, too (or later!) ... so no steak and pie today and no steak and pie tomorrow ... and the first two days of being married are spent alone on my couch watching What Not to Wear,* eating scrambled eggs and non-fat ice cream .... sigh.

I hate the Army.

*What Not to Wear -- Redo My Spouse? What the crap? clinton drives up in a jag, planning to ... reignite the passion? Huh? What is this?! Where is Stacy?!?! Where is the witty comebacks!? I dont like this.


  1. I'm sorry. I guess the waiting will make the pie taste better when you're actually able to sit down and eat it together..maybe?