Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bahamas, Baby!

Apparently casually mentioning a forthcoming Bahamas trip on the bottom of a blog post about nothing is a major no-no, so I'm going to make up for it with a post dedicated to my coming vacation.

Let's start with this: wooooohooooo!! Being warm for several days straight! Go me!

I was VERY excited about my cruise a week or two ago. I mean, we found a cruise on USAA out of Canaveral for $149 each for three days. Obviously that's good news. We convinced the road trip boys to stop saying silly things about going skiing as a group for their little "reunion" and start saying things like "being warm is awesome!" That's even better news.

A few anti-exciting things happened at the same time. First, I found an article in the New York Times that said Expedia was selling similar cruises out of Miami for $99 a ticket. Bah! Rain on my cheep cruise parade! Ugh!

Then I accidentally said something to Mr. Cruise Booker about how I'm pregnant. I mean, what's a little information among friends, right? Well then he's all "let's check on the cruise line's pregnant policy."

Ugh huh. And guess what, "guests cant be more than 24 weeks pregnant and must have a doctor's 'fit to travel' note stating such." And guess how many weeks I'll be? 25.

Obviously this is not going to keep from going. My first plan was to find out what this silly note thing looks like and then make my own fudging the dates a tiny weeny bit. Then I found out that said notes are written on prescription pads. And I don't have one of those.


So NOW my plan is to get a note, use a little creative white out action and only present it when asked for it. I'm also going to throw off the pregnancy scent by wearing a giant sweatshirt while boarding the ship. No one will even know I'm growing a human because I'll look like a giant red blob. Ah-hah! (I'll also be the only person wearing a giant sweatshirt in 75 degree Florida. This may or may not draw attention. I mean, people who frequent cruises are weird .... right? RIGHT?)

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