Thursday, November 27, 2008

Most Cliche Post of the Year

Every year I post a rather cliche post on all the things I'm grateful for. Some stupid traditions should be carried on no matter how silly they are. Silly traditions like, for example, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade .. even though I don't know a majority of the people who are singing and hate all the commercials.

Luke doesn't like watching this, if that makes you feel any better about me watching it. First he started singing:

"Joyful joyful
We enjoy thee
Turkeys Floating in the Sky"

Then said:

"Whoa! Katie Couric is OLD!!"

(I said .... "that's Meredith Vieara")

"Well SHE looks old too!"

(he's right ... her face doesn't actually move when she talks. Something weird about that for sure)

Fair enough.

Anyway. Things I'm grateful for:
  • Living by the Sound. I LOVE living here, even though the rain is stupid. But I love living by the water and compared to all the other stupid places the Army could make us live. You know, like Alaska. Or Kansas.
  • Luke. I love him so much and he's pretty darn hilarious to boot. He agreed to watch the parade under the condition that he could make fun of it. I told him sure. However, when he started making fun of the White Christmas Broadway scene I said "you are only allowed to make fun of stupid things! This is serious!" and HE said "it's not serious. It's DANCING!" Hmph. He also thinks it's racist because they sing "may all your Christmases by white." Sure.
  • Jesus. Life would be pretty boring without Him.
  • The human I'm growing. At this time it takes some concentrated effort to be grateful since mostly it just makes me feel sick and tickles my insides and makes me boring and want to take a lot of naps. But eventually it will be an actual human that I will cuddle and feed and tickle and all sorts of fun things. ... so I'm grateful ahead of time.
  • My friends and family both here and everywhere else. I couldn't do without the love and support of these people ... and when Luke leaves and I have a human they will be even more important

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