Monday, November 3, 2008


The confessions of Amy Bushatz, spastic blogger:

Today was the first day I've written in my paper journal in almost two months. Even more shocking: it is the first time I've opened my Bible for a pleasure read in I have no idea how long ... too long.

I miss D.C. a lot right now. I miss the fall and election season (both my favorite time of year that -- so conveniently! -- are at the same exact moment). I miss being a part of the energy and excitement that is an election night in the newsroom. I miss personal relationships with the candidates (or as personal as they are journalist-to-subject), knowing the moment returns are in, not going to bed until way too late ... just the wonder of being at the epicenter of the process. I really miss that.

I don't like working at World Vision. I am bored, the office is cold, the commute is long and I never have time to exercise. I'm going to quit today.

Everytime I talk to my Dad (or so it seems. In reality it's more like once-a-visit or every other phone conversation. And since I talk to him, oh, once a year on the phone, that's not a very good record) he manages to make me feel guilty and fat. I was hestitant to call him because, well, it's just fun to talk to him, but he wanted to hear how I am doing. Not 2 minutes into that conversation he wanted to know if I've gained a lot of weight with the baby and gave me a lecture on how people who gain 40 lbs or more during their pregnancy or more likely to have fat kids. I found myself justifying the 1 or 2 lbs I had gained as of the last visits. Awesome. Ruined my day.

I feel guilty for not blogging more.

I ate four twizzler pull 'n peel sticks for breakfast. (It was delicious).

My head hurts all of the time. It's really annoying.

I listen to opera in my car. And sing along.

Every few days I have to tweeze little tiny black hairs from the left side of my chin. I am afraid that when I am old I will be one of those gross old ladies with black chin hairs because no one will help me get rid of them.

I still sleep with a stuffed polar bear (mostly when Luke is gone). Are moms allowed to sleep with stuffed animals?

I'm making chicken and rice-a-roni for dinner. I have no intention of actually eating the chicken.


  1. P.S. I have the same thing going on with the whole black hair thing on my chin and I'm not even pregnant. Just old.

  2. Warning: this is going to be a long comment!

    First of all, you have nothing to be worried about in the whole fat thing and there is NO REASON to justify the 1 or 2 pounds you've gained. Even if it's ten or 20, there's no reason to justify it. Don't let people (anyone) make you feel guilty.

    Yes, moms can sleep with stuffed animals.

    I'll be in the newsroom till way too late tonight and if it helps you feel better, I'll think of you randomly throughout the night and send fond thoughts your way. Weird but I'll also be stringing for the AP sending results to Spokane, which is in the vicinity as you. :)

    Quit your job and find something that makes your heart sing.

    Eat as many noodles as you want.