Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things You Dont Care About

And now for "Things You Don't Care About," the time of day we write about things that you, dear reader, probably don't give a hoot over.

Commence to start.

Today my coffee shop started carrying decent pastries again. This is a relief as a certain customer whose name is similar to Helmet has been complaining and driving me CRAZY every day saying things like "your muffins look like their from McDonalds."

Gee. Like I'm supposed to do something about that. Pshaw. Did I LOOK like the owner? No. But I did my small part to make the world better, pointed her towards the bakery with absolutely delicious pastries, and went my way.

And now the world is better.

Tomorrow I have to work with the employee I canNOT stand. She is the newest of the worker people, has a chronic overshare problem (I'm sorry, some details of your life require a history with a person before you go and throw it up everywhere), doesn't move an inch her entire shift, spied on a (now former) employee and tatttled to the owner on how said employee didn't work (ironic since she doesn't work ...), doesn't know what she's doing, doesn't care to learn, takes smoking breaks (nasty!), and TODAY she left a note saying that the person on second shift (that would be me) should be made responsible for cutting meat.

Not a good idea. Not doing it. No way. I hate people who are lazy. kakdsflkjasdlfj. That's what I think.

Tonight ... ok it was more like last night and then warmed up tonight ... I made what Luke termed "the most delicious chilli." Right OK maybe that's not an exact quote, but it's close enough. It really WAS fantastic. I was a little worried because I messed with the spices quite a bit, putting way less of some stuff than called for because it just sounded TOO spicey. But it turned out great. I am awesomeness embodied. *pats back*

A week from today I will know what kind of human I am having ... as the great Cpt. Hook once said "animal, vegitable or mineral?"

Nah, I'm pretty sure it's animal/human, so the question is really ... boy or girl? (hint: girl. Come on... who doesnt love the name Evangeline!?!)

I am currently watching Wheel of Fortune. They filmed it Hawaii. I wish I was in Hawaii. Even if I had to hang out with Pat and his giant hair piece I'd be totally OK with it ... hello! Hawaii!!

Speaking of places I wish I was, or you know, am going to .... the Bahamas!! We booked a cruise to the Bahamas the other day so we can hang out with Jeddy, Rachel, Nolan, Adiya, Dakota and Bull while being warm. What's more fun than that?!

And now I'm out of things to say.


  1. I wish I was in Hawaii too! And yay for the cruise!

  2. I knew an Evangeline once. She was a very... theatrical person. Of course, this was in the eighties, so pretty much everyone had big hair and flashy fashion sense, so maybe that's an unfair characterization... nah, I don't think so.

    Feel free to do more posts about nothing... your nothing is more interesting than my nothing. ;-)

  3. DUDE! The bahamas?! When?! That's where we went on our honeymoon. totally score. Almost deserved its own post there, instead of sticking at the bottom like, "oh yeah, no biggie, we're going on a cruise *yawn*"

    In other news, Brett and I thought of another boy name for you....you know, based off of "literature" ( as you specified)...we'd like a Harry Potter Bushatz please! hahahaha!