Friday, January 2, 2009

12 More Allowed

Well, the doctor was a bust. Not only did I forget to get a refill on my pre-natal vitamins, but they weighed me.

And my blood pressure was elevated again.

(Whoa I just a revelation! They always weigh me before taking my blood pressure and my blood pressure is always up, even if parking is good like it was this week. MAYBE it's the weighing that's stressing me out and if they just did the blood pressure first everything would be fine! I'm totally suggesting that next time).

It's the weighing that really makes me mad. I work so hard so that I won't be a big, fat, formally pregnant person. I eat relatively healthy foods in reasonable quantities. I exercise regularly. I even think thing thoughts.

But to no avail. In the last two months I've gained -- brace yourself -- 10 lbs.

10! This brings us to a grand total of 15 since they started weighing me at week 12 and THAT weight was a good 7 lbs above the wedding weight.

Now, they say you should gain between 20 and 30 lbs while pregnant. That gives me 12 lbs more allowed in the next four months.

I'm worried that's not going to happen. They say 1 a week can be expected from this point on ... about 16 lbs total. If I only gain what I'm supposed to. Which I probably won't.

This leaves a lot to get rid of before I can consider myself even near awesome looking again. My goal is to get rid of all of my baby weight by the time Luke's sister gets married in late June... that's two whole months. If, like they say, between 19 and 25 lbs of that is baby and it's baggage ... then that's doable, right?

In other news, we are watching Olympic long jumping tryouts. I would SO die doing that. First they shoot down the ramp, then they fly through the air and they land. I feel like I may be able to shoot and fly, but I would definitely die landing. Luke says IF I made it on the shooting part, I would face plant into the snow at the end of the ramp.

Such a supportive husband.

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  1. If it's comforting, my sister Katie lost all her baby weight (25 lbs) as soon as Evalyn was born. I mean, AS SOON AS. You're going to be fine, I'm very confident!