Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hurry Up, Then Wait

The Army has struck again. Instead of actually telling us anything, they just solidified possible changes and told us to wait for them. Until mid March. Awesome.

When Luke finally got home last night (after all afternoon meetings. He is forgiven) he confirmed that the Big Powers That Be do, indeed, think my name is "Abigail" and want him to move to Fort Riley in Kans-Ass for three months of training before deploying on a MIT team. There is also a possibility that they could be convinced to first send him to Fort Benning (with me! and Baby B) and THEN to Kans-Ass for all that fun.

However, the Little Powers That Be here at Fort Lewis are fighting tooth and nail to keep him here so that he can deploy with them come June-ish. Luke seems to think it a fairly good chance that the Little Powers will win the fight and nothing will change. I'm tempted to think him overly optimistic (which I just spelled wrong and the computer changed to "optometrist." Not the same).

So, the good old hierarchy of likliness ...

1. Nothing changes, he deploys
2. He goes to Riley and I ... go with him and find some sort of housing arrangement for three months? and then move ... back here? ... where the majority of our stuff is in storage? ... and get 50 Strong Men to somehow haul our Incredibly Heavy Couches around?
3. We all get moved to Fort Benning for an undetermined length of time while he finishes an undetermined number of schools. Then we tackle the Kansas issue.
4. While we move to Benning and do schools both Kansas and Afghanistan simulataneously explode eliminating the need to go to either place.

Number four is my prefered option. No offense folks from Kansas. If I hear of a pending mass single state explosion, I promise to give you fair warning so you can move somewhere else.

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