Thursday, January 15, 2009

When They Say Helper ...

I have lots to blog, not the least of which is about our fab-u-lous trip to the Bahamas which ended Monday. Sad, sad day. I was trying to plot some way in which I might stay there forever, but they all seemed to have down sides. So home we came.

Pictures will not be forthcoming for you at this time, however, because they must be fetched off the laptop, where Luke is currently plugging away at a school assignment.

Yes, I said school. After many months of planning he has finally started his masters degree and, with a month long Army inspired absence coming up, has a lot of work to do in a very short time.

And this where Amy as helper comes in. The Bible goes on and on about being a helper to your husband, and you think that's mostly to do with cooking dinner and raising kids but apparently it also includes helping with school work.

So helping I am. At this point this is mostly related to helping him figure out exactly what he's supposed to write and then editing it ...

And I am far from the best editor ever. The good Lord did not make me a copy editor for a reason. But I'm trying.

I'm tired of getting fat. I know I'm growing a human and all and I'm just going to have to deal with it, but that doesn't mean I can't get ready to get rid of all the fatness as soon as possible after the baby comes out. (may that be soon but not too soon).

I've therefore decided that what I really need to do is have something I'm working towards, an actual real life goal. "Being thin" really isnt enough to spur me to awesomeness, neither is "looking hot at Callie's wedding." But what HAS worked in the past is "training for a sprint triathlon," so I'm just going to do that again.

I know, you all think I'm crazy. And I'm totally OK with that. I figure I can start really working out by early June, giving me plenty of time to get in shape by late to mid August. And a sprint triathlon really isn't that much ... about a .5 mile swim, about a 4 mile run and no more than a 12 mile bike. Piece of cake to train for since we already know I can do the swim, the bike isnt that hard to ramp up to and I have plenty of time to get back to that length of a run.

So meanwhile I'm focusing on doing what I can now. I hit the elyptical for about 45 minutes most days, followed by some weights. I'll start hitting the pool again, no problem there (I stopped because Luke hates how it smells ... and this pool does have a REALLY strong chemical smell) and bam! Six weeks after I have a baby I'll be the hottest Mom you've ever met! (I can dream, right?).

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  1. lol. If my SIL can land a job as copy editor of her CSU college newspaper, while consistently misspelling absolutly, definatly and not knowing how to use such words as its/it's and principle/ sure as hell can be a copy editor! (pardon the strong wording. ;)