Monday, January 26, 2009

Moments of Power

1. Prayer

It does work, so you should use it. Right now my prayers are particularly with these D.C. friends who are trying to adopt four kids from Ukraine. Their blog:

I'm also praying for a military ministry we are attempting to start at church, for Luke as he gets ready to go to Stupid NTC and just in general over what exactly God wants us to be doing with ourselves. Lots, and lots of prayer.

2. The smack down

I saw two soldiers -- male soldiers, mind you -- pull into an expectant mother's parking spot at the commissary today. And you know they know better. So I got out of my car and said (well, shouted across the parking lot) "excuse me, which of you is an expectant mother?" They silently turned around and moved the car.

3. Food

There's something about making delicious food that makes you feel particularly wonderful. Power over ingredients. Today I'm making strawberry muffins for small group tomorrow ... mm ... it's been a while. Mmmmm... tasty.


  1. I am definitely a fan of the Smack Down! You rock!

  2. Fear the Amy on Hormones. :-) Way to be an enforcer!