Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Almighty Army

Sometimes the Army is a little bit like God -- I don't know what they're doing, I can't control it and ultimately there's absolutely nothing I can do to change its will.

Since it is, indeed, so very unchangeable that the only thing I can do is accept it.

The truth is that God really does have in His hands all of those annoying things that we cannot control -- yes, including the Stupid Army.

And so as we await the Army news this week containing our fate I'm not praying that God will change and control or do whatever with the hearts of those making the decisions -- He already has that covered. I'm praying that He will give me the grace to take it well, accept it as I should, trust that it will all work out and move forward -- whatever that means.

Now the low down as I currently know it:

-- Somebody whose job it is to do this at Luke's new job talked to Big Army yesterday and got the details on what people who make Cpt. at the same time Luke does will be doing: deployment with the brigade or ...?
-- The Colonel, who was not there yesterday, will be briefed and then will tell the people in question.
-- Meanwhile, Guy Who Knows Everything would not dish, but did say that if effects (affects... effects .. man! I always get that one wrong!) six people and that everyone else will be deploying.
-- Luke seems to think this means that the six LTs who have been there the longest will be the ones to go, and that includes him.
-- "Going," however, is undefined. It could mean we move to Stupid Georgia. It could mean he joins a MIT team out of Fort Lewis and then deploys. It could mean he has to move somewhere else for a time and THEN join a MIT team (again, Abigail, much love, but -- STOP GIVING ME YOUR LIFE!)
-- We should know what's going on by the end of the week at which time we have to go to a dumb "hello/goodbye" Army party where they officially say hello to new folks and officially goodbye to old folks ... and we could be on the goodbye list.

Now, the Hierarchy of Stupidness, the part of the story where I tell you which of these I want to do least, number one being the most stupid.

1. Move to Georgia
2. MIT Team out of Fort Lewis
3. Stay here while Luke deploys with his current brigade

Where this gets complicated is if the MIT team is actually out of somewhere REALLY dumb, like Kansas (Abigail, seriously). Then he would probably have to move there for a multitude of months before officially leaving for a year. And would the Army pay for me to go with him? Probably not. Is it really practical for me to go with him with the wee baby only to live in temporary housing for three months? Again, not so much.

As I said, praying that God gives me grace for whatever comes. Thank GOODNESS that grace is one of those promises in the Bible, because if it wasn't I would likely loose it completely. As it is, I reserve the right to do so later regardless.

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  1. They are doing MiT teams out of Fort Lewis now? THat would be kinda good I guess....no moving to Kansas...which would be DIFFERENT from my life...so see?! ;-)

    But, seriously, you know that I am praying for you and I know God will give you ALL the grace that you need to deal with whatever comes. It'll turn out. I promise.
    Call me when you get the chance! :-)