Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things Unknown

As previously discussed, it drives me crazy when people know things and I know they know them and they refuse to tell me. Absolutely bonkers. I think it's the journalist in me, or something along those lines. I spent several years figuring out who knew what and then doing my darndest to get them to spill their guts. And guess what? It usually worked.

But this is different. This information is held by Luke's boss, and it's reaaaaallly hard to winkle things out of people when they are in charge of your husband. We saw him Tuesday evening at the Family Readiness Group (FRG) meeting (more about that in a sec, you lucky duck) and it was everything I could do to keep myself from walking up to him and saying "hi, I'm growing a human and have that world's smallest amount of patience as it is, care to share what the crap is going on with our lives?!"

It was a miracle I resisted.

Now the FRG meeting was way. too. long. Two hours! Nobody needs to sit and hear Army information for two hours! It's dumb.

Now you people know that sometimes I leave out words and misspell things accidentally, but overall I'm a pretty decent writer (in my own, humble no doubt, eyes). Therefore the worst part of the ENTIRE meeting was that at the bottom of every slide was the word "buffaloes," which is the battalion mascot.

For the first five or six slides I sat and thought "I really dont think that's how you spell that."

The next five or six slides were spent on my blackberry confirming the proper spelling.

The remainder of the meeting was spent wondering why a bunch of people managed to so grossly misspell a word.

And THEN they unveiled the proposed company t-shirt. It was printed with a bunch of stuff like "1-17 HHC" and then, at the bottom "Buffaloes."

On the shirt!!

Fortunately they informed us that this was not the final design and they were probably removing that word.

Nevertheless after the meeting I walked up to the Cpt. in charge and said "Hi, I'm LT Bushatz' wife. I really just have to tell you the plural of 'buffalo' is, in fact, 'buffalo,' not 'buffaloes.'"


Dear Col.,

Please tell me what the crap is going on with us before Monday when you and my husband leave for a month.



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