Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The GET THIS KID OUT OF ME

The good:

Obviously you've been waiting with bated breath for our Army news and I, faithless blogger, have been ignoring you.

I've been kind of busy.

OK, that's a lie. I've just been flat out neglecting you while eating poptarts.

Now, for the news.

We are NOT moving to Kansas (insert great rejoicing) and Luke is deploying with his current unit (more rejoicing ... but wait for the really good stuff ... here it comes) and is only going to be gone 6 months instead of 12 (NOW it's time to really be happy!!!!) before returning here, clearing post, and moving with us to Georgia.

Obviously I know what a huge blessing this is and how lucky I am if that is what actually happens.

But let's focus on what IS happening. I do not have to move anywhere. I do not have to a baby anywhere. I do not have to find housing in Kansas. I do not to do ANYTHING in Kansas. Woohoo!! Instead I get to plan all of my fun "while Luke is gone" travels to places like D.C., Ohio, California, Sardine Lake (!!!!), etc.

The bad:

Luke may be leaving end of May instead of with the rest of the battalion in early July. Obviously I would rather he be here for all the time possible. The "six month deployment" starts counting down in July whether he leaves in late May or not ...

And now about The Human.

Really, it's all a matter of space ... there isn't any more. And things that are getting squished are squishing other things and the result is ... very painful. As in, can't sleep and want to cry a lot painful.

Not. Cool.

We go to the doctor tomorrow for the 36 week check up. That means we hit 37 weeks next Thursday and therefore the inducement window. Hopefully I'll have some information after that about getting the human out. His company on the inside is no longer welcomed.


  1. I'm so glad that Kansas is not in the picture and that you can enjoy baby life in Washington.

  2. Sounds like you got the option that makes you the happiest, so congratulations! Let me know when you plan that trip to D.C... you can come soak in my new bathtub. ;-)

  3. There is nothing like the phrases of an Amy! I love the last line about his presence on the inside is no longer welcome lol. Sorry you're having such a hard time friend! Can't wait to meet your little guy!!