Sunday, March 15, 2009

Whoa, That Sucked

I'm not the ideal patient. I like to blow off medical advice and blame things like bad parking on my high blood pressure. I mean, that's an obvious explanation so I'm really not backing down from it, btw.

However when they told me last week that I also have several other preeclampsia symptoms I started listening a little more. I mean, seizures, organ failure, death ... all of these are things that I feel should be taken seriously.

So when they told me to come in if I have a "headache that does not go away with tylonel" I thought "well I get a lot of headaches and tylonel doesnt work worth crap, but Ok." And when I got said headache Saturday afternoon and took said tylonel and it did not go away ... even though I REALLY wanted to go to bed and see if it was gone this morning and THEN deal with it ... I went in.

Of course they couldn't get it to go away completely either. And rather than lying and saying "its gone" when I wanted to go home, I said "its still kind of there" ... and therefore ended up staying way longer than planned. ... aka over night!

It's truly ironic that hospitals are places one can't sleep. It's also ironic that I managed to pick up Lord only knows what kind of evil bug there, and officially broke my no barf streak this afternoon after they let me go home. Not cool.

All in all this hospital fun included a 12 hour urine test, an IV that did NOT feel good coming in or going out, weird stomach pain that Luke claimed was thanks to the IV saline and I am now contributing to the evil flu and sleeping off and on for two hours at a time in between nurses waking me up and the remnants of the IV getting caught on the blanket. Man that did not feel good.

I no longer feel like dying from the Evil Disease, so that's good ... but I also still feel like utter and complete crap, despite sleeping most of the day. Here's hoping I wake up all better tomorrow and don't have to cancel baby shower number two tomorrow night. Sigh.

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