Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh No You Didn't

Just called the spa I'm going to tomorrow for my Vday massage and facial gift. ... which I am SO excited about, by the way.

"Hi, my name is Amy, I just want to confirm my appointment for tomorrow."

"Hm ... ummm ... hmmm ...well you're not on the schedule..."

Excuse me?? I called them at least two weeks ago after I made an online appointment and they failed to call me to confirm, talked to the rep who didnt see the appointment in the email but helped me anyway, made the appointment, had a long convo with the rep, gave her my credit card number, etc. ... and so on. But I'm not on the sched?!

Good thing they were able to take me anyway, lest they experience the wrath of one pregnant woman who is VERY excited about her massage and facial. Boy.

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