Monday, March 16, 2009

Happier Things

Now that I am no longer on the road to death (as in, no more hospital and no more stomach flu, at least for today) I can blog about the good part of my weekend:

Baby shower!

Abigail was wonderful enough to throw me a truly delightful baby shower, complete with the puff painting of baby onesies ... ah yeah, you had forgotten about puff paint. Well Baby B and Abigail are bringing it back. And the result is absolute cuteness. I cant wait to post pictures of some of the products. I have some seriously creative friends.

Baby showers are also good for lots of cool swag I would've never bought myself, such as truly impressive pile of adorable clothing and a monkey backpack/baby leash. I seriously have the greatest friends.

The only thing that could possibly make such weekend fun better (let's go ahead and delete Saturday night through early this morning from our memories and assume the weekend was only pleasant) is ANOTHER baby shower tonight, courtesy of my church friends. I'm excited!

Sounds like we may be getting our Army News Friday. So stay tuned for that. The last time they had a lunch meeting on the subject it turned into an all afternoon meeting and I made the big fat mistake of sitting by my phone waiting for results for hours on end with no luck, thanks to the surprise length. I'll obviously not be making that mistake again. In fact, if said meeting is The Great Reveal I'll probably need to find a way to distract myself for four hours so I do not lolligag about waiting for results. I'm open to suggestions.

Now: Luke has ordered me to "chill out" all day long in the name of a full recovery. So I'm going to kick back, watch the rest of Alias, play with the weekend's coupons and get ready for tonight's baby shower.

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