Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Just came from the pregnant person clinic where I learned the very important news that I gained just about 2 lbs in the last five weeks. That's right! I am that kind of awesome. My goal was to gain no more than 2.5 and I thought surely all of those pancakes and poptarts would take their toll ... but no! Hahaha! I am victorious!

Unfortunately I am not so victorious at willing my blood pressure to be low or at least on the low side of normal. I got there early, breathed slow cleansing breathes, found good parking without a problem, had them weigh me after my blood pressure ... all of the things that worked last time. But no dice. It was still high to the highish side of normal.

This may be a blessing in disguise, though. If my blood pressure is high now, it will likely be high for the rest of the pregnancy ... and if it is they will likely insist on inducing me between 37 and 39 weeks. I would be annoyed by this, except that Luke could deploy in early May leaving it very up in the air whether, if left to come on his own good time, Baby B would even be here.

And let me tell you there is NO way that I am having a baby without Luke there. Not a chance. And so if they make him come earlier, and that earlier is before Luke deploys, then all things considered I'm a happy camper.

Also excellent news: labor and delivery suggests you bring your favorite dvds and cds to the delivery room for entertainment during the labor and recovery process. Seasons of Friends while giving birth? Heck yes!

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