Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Army = minus 230 points

I have a laundry list of things to say here today -- so many that I wrote a list on the way back from the gym just to make sure I don't forget.

The Army has just been deducted 1,000 points or more. Basically anything it earned by having an awesome forest for me to walk in and by giving me cheap groceries is gone. Why? Of course I'm planning to tell you (didn't think you'd get away that easy, did you?)

-- Abigail. The Army sucks so much for Abigail right now that I actually spend time crying for her. Not for me, really, but because of everything she is going through.
-- Dana. Her brother in law's deployment (his second in I dont know how long, but it's too soon) has been pushed up a day, messing up a bunch of plans for seeing him.
-- Me. Luke is going to the field for just about two weeks starting Friday. This sucks because we are getting married in three weeks from Saturday, and let's not lie -- it'd be nice for him to be around. But now, to make matters worse ... they are not letting him take his cell phone ... awesome.

So basically -- Army? In the dog house in a major, major way.

I'm also mad about wedding stuff. Let's just say -- people are incompetent. And I'm going to leave it at that.

I heard a song this morning on the radio that made me mad. I've been listening to the christian radio music station because it makes me feel good (although the call to get "low, low, low, low" on the other station still has its place). Sometimes, however, it makes me mad. Like when my "morning friends, Scott and Sam" come on at 6 a.m. and say dumb, corny things. Or when they play trashy Christian music that make following Jesus sound like a fad.

This morning's song went something like this .. "I'm into Jesus, yes I believe. I'm into Jesus ... it's changed my life ..." as if following Christ is the same as, say, being into yoga or water aerobics. You know, it changes your life because it makes you more flexible or muscular, but it doesn't really mean anything. Certainly, it does not require sacrifice.

People who cheapen Christ and what it takes -- what I've given away and will give away -- to follow Him? They make me mad.

I was brooding about all of the above this morning in the locker room at the gym (side note: I've started going to a different gym than before. At the new gym I do not have to deal with old naked Asian ladies -- in fact, I don't think I've run into any naked ladies so far. That's because this gym has no sauna that said old naked Asian ladies like to visit) listening to two women talk about their medical problems.

Apparently, the one woman has had cancer, maybe breast, in the past and is afraid she has it again. They were talking about her tests. The other woman clearly has breast cancer and had a completely flat chest and hair that was just starting to come back in.

What caught me was that they weren't complaining about their problems at all -- they were simply talking about them, like I talk about the awesome chicken I plan to make any given night or my wedding.

"I've got to have my ovaries removed," the one with no chest said.

"Yeah? For sure?" the other one said.

"Yeah, I gotta."

And they moved on in the conversation. No discussion. No crying. She didn't even sound upset about it. They were onto the crazy way the womans short hair was coming in and how it was impossible to comb...

These two women are dealing with something much bigger than I ever have or hopefully ever will deal with. If the sum total of my problems is a fiance with no cell phone access for two weeks, people involved with my wedding who are morons and a dumb song on the radio ... I've got it pretty good.

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